MoTeC’s new displays – Bigger and Better!


Photo courtesy MoTeC.

MoTeC’s new Display Loggers have arrived. If the five-inch screens were a little too small for your liking, you can now enjoy a seven-inch high resolution, full color screen thanks to MoTeC’s new C127 and C187 Display Loggers.

The two new additions are part of the C1 range, stylishly designed and full of clever functionality. The C127 can be purchased with or without 120 MB logging, while the C187, built for the professional level racer, has 250 MB as standard and 500 MB as an option.

The displays come with numerous configurable templates that are ready to be tailored to your needs, or you can customize your entire screen using MoTeC’s Display Creator application.

The C127 and C187 feature an anti-reflective screen, perfect for viewing in direct sunlight, and an array of ten fully programmable, built-in RGB LEDs for use as shift lights, warnings or other driver alerts. These new models also have 6 additional LEDs, 3 down either side of the unit. As usual, the color, function and intensity of each LED is user-definable.

Both displays can be used standalone or integrated into a complete electronics system. The C127 is also available in race-ready kits with hardware and looms ready to plug in.

An OBD-II adaptor loom is available to plug directly into the port on many later model vehicles, and CAN and RS232 looms enable connection to other ECUs.

Click for more on the C127.

Click for more on the C187.

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