Sparks Fly in Baltimore

Saying we had a tough weekend in Baltimore is definitely an understatement. We knew going into the race weekend that we would be facing some challenges, but never like the ones we had!

Once we returned under our tent in the American Le Mans Series paddock, the Muscle Milk crew took out the electrical wiring loom so that our data acquisition engineer Lee Szczypski could start working on repairing the wires that had burned. We all knew that that was not an easy task and that it would take a long time to repair, fortunately the race wasn’t for another 25 hours…

Then, as the work on the loom continued and the search for the cause of the problem became apparent we learned that we needed to replace one of the electrical boxes. Many race teams do not use this box anymore, so finding one was just another challenge. We finally found one in Indianapolis and had a friend of the team fly into Washington on the Saturday morning with the part. We even tried to get a helicopter to pick him up at the airport to save some time, but that became a little too complicated.

In the meantime, Lee had spent the night working on the loom. Fortunately, he received help from a fellow DAG at CORE autosport. We also had to get parts from teams like Flying Lizard Motorsports, Corvette Racing, Dyson Racing and Walker Racing, who were nice enough to help us out.

Again, I can’t say it enough, many, many thanks to Lee, he did an unbelievable, awesome job repairing the loom, replacing several hundred wires. If it weren’t for all his hard work and dedication, as well as the help of our competitors, we wouldn’t have made it.


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