At Performance Data Solutions we offer a wide range of services. We will help your team succeed thanks to our versatility and diverse experience, having been involved in:

  • FIA World Endurance Championship
  • IMSA
  • Indy Lights
  • Indy Pro 2000

Wiring Harness Design and Construction

When quality, performance, craftsmanship, and affordability are required in your harnessing requirements, look to PDS, don’t settle for inferior harnesses after spending thousands on data systems and sensors. We offer:

  • Reliable, professionally designed and constructed harnesses.
  • Highest quality materials from Tyco, Raychem, and Deutsch Autosport.
  • Harnesses that are designed and constructed to exact specifications, which reduces weight, redundancy and increases functionality.
  • Complete drawings and pinouts of your project.

Sales and Support

When adding, upgrading or replacing electronic systems, you want a team who knows what they’re doing. PDS has the knowledge of the highest levels of motorsport, and first hand experience with implementation. We offer sales and support for:

  • single seaters
  • prototype sports cars
  • GT cars
  • MoTeC (we were the first to incorporate MoTeC in the IndyCar Series)
  • Texys Sensors
  • Beru

Data Acquisition Services

  • PDS offers additional data resources
    • for the full season
    • select race weekends or just test days
    • for special projects
    • for running additional vehicles at select events
    • shop time to optimize, setup or install your data acquisition systems.
  • We can be used for:
    • data analysis
    • fuel strategy
    • wiring,
    • telemetry
    • GPS systems
    • on-board video, etc.
  • We also have experience in two of the most prominent data acquisitions companies in the US:
    • Cosworth Electronics (formerly Pi Research)
    • MoTeC, PDS

High Voltage Harness Testing

  • One of the most important components on a racecar
  • Prevents annoying glitches
  • The Cirris high voltage tester ensures correct pinout and absence of shorts and detects problems such as cuts, chafing and poor soldering not detected with a low voltage test

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