I know they say beauty is in the eye of the holder. So I don’t know if this means I have a strange eye, but the looms are beautiful. They have just been delivered and they will make a huge, huge difference. Thank you again for all your hard, hard work. It was worth it.

– Mark Sheffield – BMW Oracle Racing – Winner 33rd America’s Cup – 2010

Lee did a great job, it was awesome! What is there not to like? We won a championship, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and finished second in Grand Am at the same time! It couldn’t have been any smoother.

– Steve Challis – Race Engineer – Starworks – 2012 Champions: WEC P2 & 24 Hours of LeMans, 2nd Place Grand Am DP

I worked with Lee Szczypski (Owner PDS) at the 2014 Indy 500. Lee was contracted to set up, organize, and run all the electronics and data for the #33 entry driven by James Davidson. Because the entry was a late addition, and much of the equipment was newly purchased or leased, Lee had the difficult task of inventorying all the equipment, and making everything, including pit lane equipment, fuel and telemetry data, and car data work, and was race ready in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Lee due to his overall expertise in the field, and professionalism.

– Kyle Brannan – Race Engineer – KV Racing car #33

I’ll never forget when we had our loom issue at the Baltimore ALMS race. Since we didn’t have a spare loom Lee had to repair a burnt up loom in order to get the car back on track. I can’t remember exactly, but it took Lee something like 30 hours to repair the loom. The good news was we made the race and the car ran perfect from an electronic standpoint. To me that was a fantastic performance by Lee. Epic!

– Klaus Graf – Driver (Muscle Milk Pickett Racing) – 2-time ALMS P1 Champion

I have raced with and been a customer of Lee’s company, PDS, for several years now. I have found Lee to take a very meticulous approach in all of the projects that he works on. The quality of his work is incredibly high and his support for a project does not end upon handoff. He completely understands the sometimes critical nature of his work and I have personally been witness to an all nighter of loom repair, which was required to ensure that a car was able to compete. In this specific case, I am not sure that many other people would have been successful. I would highly recommend Lee and his company for any electronics projects or DAG opportunities that arise.

– Brandon Fry – Engineer / Team Manager (Muscle Milk Pickett Racing)

Performance Data Solutions provided data, electrical, and telemetry services for us in 2013 during our championship winning campaign in the ALMS.  Lee and PDS were a big part of the success of the team and worked well with the race engineers as well as the HPD and other support engineers to integrate all our data systems.  This was vital in the fast paced world of top-level prototype racing.

– Jeff Braun – Engineer (Level 5 Motorsports) – 2013 ALMS P2 Champions

Lee and I worked together during a very successful season with Level 5, I always found him to be a great team player.  He would go the extra mile to make sure that I had what I needed data wise as a driver and at the same time be helping the engineer to have the information he needed to improve the car’s performance.  I really hope we get to work together again in the future.

– Marino Franchitti – Driver (Level 5 Motorsports) – 2013 P2 Champion

I want to thank Lee Szczypski for the very controlled and overviewing work in regards to all the electronic and data work he has done at Starworks over the last 4 years for me. It’s a pleasure to have him next to me with his calm and demeanor behavior. He was always ready with something new and innovative to impress me. This way he was prepared to turn a difficult situation into a positive experience.

– Stefan Pfeiffer – Race Engineer – Starworks

Just wanted to send you a line and say what a pleasure it was to work with you. Your calm demeanor was a big help. Really impressed with your attention to detail and your work ethic. Thank you!….you turned a difficult situation into a positive experience.

– Simon Hodgson – Team Manager – KV Racing #33 2014 entry

I worked with Lee on the #78 Starworks Daytona Prototype during the 2013 season. We were consistently on pace and able to win the Road America race. Lee was the lead data engineer and able to have perfect reliability and excellent performance on all of the electrical systems even with a razor thin budget. He facilitated a steering wheel shifter during the season that was installed without a hiccup and implemented the wiring for 4 different engine installations.

During the weekends, he was a great asset in terms of fuel strategy and overall data analysis. He kept data and video running on the cars, but was also responsible for the pit-lane setup which was no small task. Just as important as the job itself, was his lack of drama and ability to deliver a tension-relieving joke at times when the chips were down. At the end of the day, Lee was a guy that made my life easier, and I look forward for the opportunity to work with him in the future.

– Tim Lewis – Race Engineer – Starworks Motorsport – 2013 DP

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